Business Incubator

Start-up process that’s right for you

Grow Fast!

We are business incubators that helps founders get off the ground fast. Our team of experts offers management, financial and technological support to early stage companies in the digital technology sector.

REG investments are selected and evaluated by a flexible team of entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts.


We are a passionate and experienced team who are focused on the needs of startups by making them work in a structured yet flexible and entrepreneurial environment. We build and create the ecosystem where startups can grow.

Development Methods

REG is a business startup incubator that will disrupt the traditional investment business by using new technologies and agile development methods. We offer attractive investment opportunities by effectively supporting startups at crucial phases.

Our methodologies and processes are based on an extensive network of highly competent and experienced experts with access to top-level networks and markets. Supported by our strong capital base, we invest in young companies with innovative products, services or business models. We help them improve their competitive status, to grow their market share and to optimize their value creation potential.