Shaping the future of property industry.

REG is a highly experienced real estate technology company. We have created an AI-based real estate platform that takes away the workload and time management involved in buying and selling property, allowing our users to actively enjoy the process without tedious administrative tasks such as viewing properties, scheduling appointments, estimating taxes, and other repetitive paperwork.

What is

REG is an independent PropTech start-up that aims to democratize and transform the real estate value chain. Typically detached from each other, we are getting agent, property owner, institutions, and users, to provide and register all the information needed to match demand with supply. Our matchmaking algorithm enables user's property valuation based on the most accurate data available. In the future, it will open its API to third parties who wish to develop on top of REG.

REG is a Tech Start Up changing the Real Estate Market, from MLS to SaaS and bringing it to the digital age. Our team is made of experts in Real Estate, technology or both, with a strong focus on results and customer satisfaction.

What do we do?